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We offer fabrication designing, manufacturing, and engineering solutions.

SevenStars is on a mission to provide high-quality engineering and fabrication solutions to commercial and industrial customers across the world. We draw upon our three decades of experience to get the best for our customers, in terms of quality, customization as per need and budget, and safety concerns. We are very aware of attempting our best to keep our processes environmentally friendly by using sustainable technologies and strictly adhering to the disposable practises. Our idea is not just to create solutions and empower our clients to develop better products, but also to contribute to our ecology positively. SevenStars is here to build a legacy you can trust.


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Guaranteed satisfaction with quality as the premium offering.

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Upfront, forerunner, and class apart solutions sparkling with creativity.

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Through result-oriented processes, we aim to deliver what we promise.

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We are a full-service facility providing fabrication and welding of structural steel and other metals in India. We house only qualified experts and the latest equipment to manage any task you need. We combine our years of experience and expertise in engineering and customer service to produce a variety of structures and bring you only the best and optimized solutions. We love taking up challenging projects and can work on architect’s futuristic vision too by using our creativity and innovative skill sets

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What makes us phenomenal? Our team. We have the best and most dedicated engineers and designers who put their hearts and minds to all tasks, because, after all, we create art–tough, durable, functional pieces of art.


Gulam Jogilkar


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Akil Jogilkar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our team of engineers bring years of sheet metal fabricating experience to bear on even the most complex problems, and we ensure the development of products that can be manufactured easily and cost-effectively. We have a dedicated team of engineers who specialize in product design and development, and our design department can help you make your design come to life. During the product development cycle, our engineers will collaborate with you and be there to help every step of the way from product designing, to prototyping, and manufacturing.

Let us help you take your product design to the next level and contact us today!

People of High Character –  We strive to hire individuals who care about the work they do and about the customers the company serves. Our employees treat customers’ projects as their own and seek to serve customers with dedication, honesty, and integrity.

Creative, Innovative Thinking –  With today’s mindset of “innovate or die,” we have assembled a core group of engineers that challenge modern methods and improve on the current fabricating processes. Our efforts to find the “better way” lead to reduced lead-times & lower prices for customers.

State-of-the-Art Technology –  To improve customer responsiveness, we have added a number of highly or fully automated machines to our manufacturing facility. These machines greatly improve product quality and processing speed while allowing us to fabricate extremely complex parts at a reduced cost.

Continuous Improvement –  We are constantly looking for ways to improve in all facets of the business. The company has set up measurement standards to track progress and improve customer value and satisfaction, quality, speed to market, flexibility and reduced cost. We do not stop until we exceed our goals.

Our inspection process begins with our experienced setup personnel. With each process setup the part is first verified by the setup operator against the prescribed inspection instruction. Once the setup operator has a part believed to be within specification, the setup part is taken to the inspection area where a dedicated shift Inspector checks the part for setup approval. In process inspections are sampled through the run, and Final Inspection and a Visual Audit takes place once all operations are complete.

In general, we’re able to complete jobs quickly thanks to the resources we have at our disposal. If you need a job rushed, contact us as soon as possible and let us know the details. There’s a good chance we can meet your deadline while still giving you a better price than our competitors can match.

Don’t see your question listed? Get in touch with us today! We’re excited to give you more information about our team, our capabilities, and what we can do for your business.

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